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What is Telematics and how can it help you?

What is Telematics and How it Can Help You SAVE?

Telematics is technology that deals with the long-distance transfer of information.  Telematics used in combination with your mobile device can monitor your driving habits. Here comes the good part… the safer you drive, the bigger the discount on your car insurance policy.  While not all insurance carriers offer this benefit, it is a good idea to get to know Telematics and how it can work for you.

When you first sign up for a Telematics program for your car insurance, you automatically save money right away with an enrollment discount. This is a one-time discount.  When your driving evaluation period ends, your new discount will reflect your driving habits. Enrollment and maximum discounts vary depending on your insurance provider.

After enrollment you receive an email or a text with the link to download the insurance company’s Telematics application to your smart mobile device. You do require a data plan and location services enabled. As you drive, the app’s dashboard will provide real time results on such things as hard braking, rapid acceleration and time of day driving.  If you exceed one of the parameters, (i.e. you exceed the speed parameter) it will show the date and time of the event.

On average, the apps use 3MB of data per day. This is the equivalent of 8 hours of web browsing or streaming music for 2.5 hours (*). The information it receives is subject to strict privacy policies and is not used for any other commercial purposes without your consent.

Participating in a telematics program allows you to take control of your auto insurance premiums. As well, your telematics experience may surprise you.  It may show you driving habits of which you were not aware!

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