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Group Products

Employee group benefit plans are critical to your business’s success.

The right plan gives you a competitive advantage to attract top talent. It helps you and your employees stay healthier and more productive and, if implemented correctly, aligns and contributes to your overall business strategy.

Providing an employee benefit plan has many advantages, however, it can also expose you to fiduciary liability and legal risk. Companies often fail to add qualifying employees as waiting periods expire or experience contract compliance issues based on enrolment. They struggle to answer coverage questions and provide advice to the people who rely on the plan.

Wilson Benefits Ltd., a division of Wilson Insurance, can help your business secure the right employee group benefit plan.

Wilson Benefits’ business model differs from any other. Our experts have years of experience, so you can count on us to handle all the major administrative burdens that come with group benefits. Our unique approach is to design and implement group benefits plans that are flexible, affordable and representative of your specific business needs.

Our Promise to You

Wilson Benefits Ltd. is committed to ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of how your employee benefit plan can work for your business and your employees. We want to make sure you are represented fairly to the market place, and you receive competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

We have a specialized team dedicated solely to group benefits who will provide you with more than just a yearly renewal. Our model includes an extensive suite of services at no additional cost, including:

All of Wilson Benefits’ plans feature industry leading products from the major carriers, including:

Wilson Select Group Plan:

Wilson Select is an exclusive employee benefit plan only available through Wilson Benefits Ltd. It offers a variety of options and coverage levels that employers and employees can choose from. Whether you’re a small family business, or run a large corporation, this plan offers the flexibility to work for you.

Traditional Group Plans:
Wilson Benefits Ltd. represents and aligns itself with the strongest and most respected underwriting companies in the industry including:

Traditional group benefit plans can be designed and tailored to your specific needs.

Administrative Services Only (ASO):
Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid employee benefit plan design. Wilson Benefits Ltd.’s Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans allow true flexibility and control. These plans offer reduced service fees with the same privileges that come with traditional plan designs. Our adjudication platform allows you (the plan sponsor) to set all of the rules for your coverage options.

For more information on this coverage, simply send us an email or request a quote and an account representative will contact you.