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Referral Program

We appreciate all your word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials. Your support matters to us and that’s why Wilson Insurance has rolled out a referral program like no other to Thank You, our loyal clients!

For every referral or testimonial that you send our way, you will receive.

A free lottery ticket
You might win BIG!
Dinner On Us
An entry into our monthly draw for a $50 gift certificate.
Grand Prize
An entry for a chance to win the grand prize of $1,000 cash (draw date December 11th, 2024)

How It Works


Send a referral or testimonial and your name will AUTOMATICALLY be entered into the contest!


Refer as many people and enter as many times as you like–MULTIPLE referrals and testimonials mean multiple chances to win!


Not to worry! We ask everyone that calls our office “Who referred them”

The friends you refer DO NOT have to become our clients for you to be eligible to win prizes. Remember: multiple referrals and testimonials increase your chances of winning, so tell your friends about Wilson Insurance! People you refer do not have to become our clients for you to be eligible to win prizes. We ask everyone who calls our office who referred them to us. To submit a testimonial and be entered to win, send us an email or fax: or 506.450.8691. The team at Wilson Insurance thanks you for choosing to do business with us and encouraging your friends and family to choose us, too!
Congratulations to Valerie Lewis & Wavel Budrow, our 2023 Yakkity Yak Referral Grand Prize Winner of $1000.00 CASH.