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Directors & Officers Liability

Is your business incorporated?

Does it have a board of directors and corporate officers? Do you serve on a board of directors? If so, you could be exposed to lawsuits from shareholders. 

If you ask us, and many of our clients do, Directors and Officers (D&O) coverage should be a requirement for corporations. D&O coverage will supplement the protection provided by General Liability policies. The stakes are simply too high not to have it.

Wilson Insurance will work with you to determine the amount of coverage needed to provide the right level of protection. In recent years, increased corporate governance, “me too” involvement and cyber risk mismanagement have all led to increased exposure to lawsuits for directors and officers.  Criminal acts are not covered by D&O insurance, however, the cost of providing a legal defence may be covered. 

D&O coverage protects your executive board and your key decision-makers. Your team at Wilson Insurance have the right insurance and risk management expertise to help you arrange this critical insurance protection and avoid the financial nightmare of handling your own legal expenses in a claim.

For more information on this coverage, simply send us an email or request a quote and an account representative will be in contact with you.

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