Business Property Insurance

Business PropertyEvery business has a serious need to protect its real and business personal property. Even for the largest operations, tangible property is a major asset. A national standard for insuring such property is the Business Property Program. This Program may be written as a package (providing property, liability and, if you choose, crime insurance) for your business.

A Business Package Policy covers building, completed additions, fixtures, permanently installed machinery, equipment and contents that are used to service or maintain the building or premises, and, under certain circumstances, construction equipment, material and supplies.

Under “contents”, the policy covers furniture and fixtures, machinery, equipment, stock, all other property owned by the insured and used for business, labour, materials, or services furnished or arranged by the insured on the  property of others, any improvements and betterments made by or acquired by the insured (when a tenant), and any leased property the insured has entered into a contractual responsibility.

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