Wilson Insurance Ltd. Is able to provide Your Business with a comprehensive Business Insurance and Risk Management Program specifically designed to fit your needs…. in insurance “one size” does not fit all.

In addition to providing the necessary insurance program that fits your business’s risks and exposures, Wilson Insurance will also provide proactive and cost saving measures to your organization through our unique Risk Detective™ approach to your Total Cost of Risk™.

The  RISK DETECTIVE™ Total Cost of Risk approach will provide your business with a: 

  1. Risk management plan and strategy that is developed collaboratively to reducing your Total Cost of Risk.
  2. Innovative insurance solutions designed and implemented to meet your unique needs 
  3. A program that monitor and addresses changes identified to address emerging risks and change requirements. 

Our Risk Detective™ management process includes:

  • Risk Identification – Identification of all risk factors
  • Risk Prioritization – Risk management planning through prioritizing organizational risk by frequency & severity
  • Risk Management –  Addressing and budgeting for the financial

Consequences of risk through selection of the best treatment alternatives


The RISK DETECTIVE™ Approach:  Identify ● Quantify ● Manage

  • Collaborative Risk Management planning and strategy to develop your risk management plan
  • Design and implement innovative insurance and risk  management solutions
  • Monitor and review the program to address changing requirements and
    emerging risks.