Business Umbrella

Construction WorkerIn case of the average business, the Business Umbrella Liability policy is a valuable insurance coverage option.

Not very long ago, the coverage was considered to be only needed by very large business entities. Today, a different set of circumstances exists. Liability claims and court decisions involving millions of dollars are no longer uncommon; any business can be found legally responsible for this type of judgement.

A Business Umbrella Liability Policy, increasingly referred to as an excess policy, can provide an additional layer of insurance protection to handle major losses.

A business owner may consider an accident that does not involve a fatality to be one that can readily be handled by regular coverage. The reality is that such an accident may result in substantial medical care, lost income and other expenses.Can your business afford a payment that exceeds a million dollars? Think of accidents involving vehicles that, today, are much safer than 5 or 10 years ago. That means that accidental deaths are less likely while the chance of severe head injury has increased. Severe head trauma can send a claim’s cost soaring. It may take up to seven years to determine the ultimate extent of injury. Recovery is often slow and sporadic. These elements combine to make regular insurance coverage insufficient.

A business may have auto liability coverage but insurance limits of more than $1,000,000 is rare. When the insurance coverage provided by a business auto policy is not enough to meet the amount of a loss, the business is responsible for the difference.

An Umbrella Liability policy could be the difference between bankruptcy and an on-going business venture. The Umbrella policy would take over where the business auto policy stopped, providing defence coverage and additional limits to pay large judgments.

One thing to remember is that an Umbrella Liability policy will not cover everything; there are exclusions in this form as in any other contract of insurance. However it still represents an excellent method to help shield a business from catastrophic claims. Contact us to discuss securing this valuable form of liability coverage. It could help preserve your business.

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