It’s easy to get into the spirit of Halloween when decorating your home and its surroundings.   

  • Stay vigilant for fire hazards, do not overload extension cords, throw away the candles and lighters, and pick up an LED light for your spooky pumpkins.  
  • Finding an appropriate costume for Halloween can sometimes be a challenge not knowing what Mother Nature will have in store for us.  Buying or making costumes one size larger will allow your child the room for a coat to stay warm underneath (the layered look).
  • When it comes time to paint the face, use hypoallergenic makeup to avoid an allergic reaction. Colored contacts are cool and a lot of fun, if you use contacts frequently and know how to put them in and the risks.  If you do not use contacts on a regular basis, you should try to avoid using them all together to prevent eye injuries.
  • Our kids should be visible and aware of their surroundings at all times when trick or treating.  Flashlights and glow sticks can help you identify your goblins from the ghouls. Always look both ways when crossing the street and explain to your child to never enter a stranger’s home.
  • Finally, you’re beat and the kids are over the moon to go home and eat all that candy.  One of your most important jobs of the night, looking over all the candy prior to your kids eating it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN