Everyone is asking about cannabis, and even if you do not plan on lighting up, you should stay educated with the rules and regulations that surround our new way of life. The best way to stay informed is to check your local government’s website for your provincial facts.

#1. DON’T DRIVE high, it’s illegal. Cannabis impairs your judgement, reaction time and increases your chances of being in a crash. Impairment from Cannabis can last more than 24 hours and the THC can remain in your system over a week. Driving HIGH affects whether or not your auto insurance responds. 

#2. Talk to your kids about Cannabis and the laws that surround it for their safety. Don’t get in the car with someone who intends to DRIVE HIGH.  Like with alcohol, driving while impaired rules are more stringent for new drivers and a conviction WILL impact insurance rates.

#3. If you grow it, follow the law so your homeowners/ business insurance will respond if you have a loss.  Be careful, the conditions to grow cannabis like heat lamps can increase your risk of a fire loss (according to the Halifax deputy fire chief) and can cause molds and mildew which are EXCLUDED on most insurance policies. 

#4. If you own a business make sure you have an HR Policy on Cannabis at Work and communicate it to your team. Any drug impairment can pose safety risk. As a business owner you make the rules for your business and need to ensure the health and safety of your employees at work. 

#5. Medical cannabis still exits.  Does your employee benefits cover it as a prescription drug? Do you want it to? 

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