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How Can Smoking/Growing Cannabis Affect Your Insurance?

Everyone is asking about cannabis, and even if you do not plan on lighting up, you should stay educated with the rules and regulations that surround our new way of life. The best way to stay informed is to check your local government’s website for your provincial facts. #1. DON’T DRIVE high, it’s illegal. Cannabis [...]

Winterizing Your Home Or Business

Slips and falls Winter conditions are a leading cause of slip-and-fall claims, so it’s important to properly maintain your premises during the winter season. ✓ ensure your contract for outdoor snow removal or winter maintenance (salting/sanding) clearly identifies the responsibility of each party ✓ get proof of insurance from your contractor by asking for a [...]

It’s Easy To Get Into The Spirit Of Halloween

It’s easy to get into the spirit of Halloween when decorating your home and its surroundings.    Stay vigilant for fire hazards, do not overload extension cords, throw away the candles and lighters, and pick up an LED light for your spooky pumpkins.   Finding an appropriate costume for Halloween can sometimes be a challenge [...]

Don’t be a sucker fish… it’s time to cut the line.

Phishing is a major cybercrime in which you or another person of interest is being contacted by telephone, text message or email, by someone posing as a legitimate organization to lure you into providing sensitive data, such as personal information, banking & credit card details, including passwords. Ways to get off the hook Ways to get off [...]